The 15-lb. Precision Board HDU board was cut to shape on a CNC router, then stage-blasted to get varying depths. It was sprayed with polyurethane resin then finished with Ronan Aquacote enamel. The butterflies are digital prints on .080 aluminum. Dayna Reed, Sign Art Signs, Hood River, Oregon
CNC-carved 30-by-30-in. panel of 1½-in. 15 lb. Corafoam HDU board finished with semi-gloss clear coat. “The CNC carving was done, then painted and silver leafed,” says Braun Bleamer, Jet Signs, Palmerton, Pennsylvania. “Then I applied the stars and clouds background print. The edge has a 45-degree bevel.”
Lettering was carved on a MultiCam CNC router on a 24-in. wide panel of 1½-in. SignFoam HDU board. The boat and banners were hand carved. It’s finished with 23K gold leaf and acrylic latex paints. David Hassan, Hassan Sign Company, Cohasset, Massachusetts.
The coffee cup is a full 3-D HDU element, and the dog pictorial was CNC-milled from layers of HDU board totaling 10 inches. The vertical post has lettering on three sides and is an HDU sleeve that slipped over a structural wood beam. The post base is faux concrete HDU board with faux steel HDU plates. Roger Cox, House of Signs, Frisco, Colorado
CNC-carved lettering on a 4-by-6-ft. panel of 1-in. HDU board over a 2x10 pressure-treated structure with the edges wrapped in ¼-in. PVC board. The lower panel is ½-in. overlaid plywood with pine trim, over 2x6 framing. The seahorse is hand carved. It’s all finished in 23K gold leaf and acrylic latex paints. David Hassan, Hassan Sign Company, Cohasset, Massachusetts.
5-by-8-ft. carved HDU sign with prismatic letters, carved on ShopBot CNC router then laminated to overlaid plywood using Gorilla Glue. The eagle was carved on the router, then detailing added by hand. Russ Mills, Russ Mills Signs, Pineville, Kentucky
CNC-carved 4-by-6-ft. panel of 2-in. 15 lb. Corafoam HDU board finished with semi-gloss clear coat. Braun Bleamer, Jet Signs, Palmerton, Pennsylvania
The 10-in. thick, 45-by-45-in. sign was milled on a CNC router from multiple layers of Corafoam HDU board and has an internal welded steel frame. The rooster medallion was finished with Ronan Aqua Leaf metallic paints. Roger Cox, House of Signs, Frisco, Colorado

CNC-routed graphics deliver value

Creative 3D signage means customers get more for their money

By signcraft

Posted on Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

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These companies offer products for CNC sign production and reach sign pros through SignCraft:

CNC equipment


CAMaster Industries

Gerber Scientific Products

Industrial CNC



Vision Engraving & Routing Systems

CadCam software


Artclip 3D

Gerber Scientific Products



Type 3/TypeEdit

Clip art and Textures:

Vector Art 3D Clip Art:

Dan Sawatzky’s Texture Magic:
What is it about dimension that makes us look twice or look a little longer? There’s some sort of magic in 3D graphics that draw the viewer and deliver those few extra seconds for the sign to get its message across.

CNC routing and cutting lets businesses take advantage of this phenomenon by making it practical to add dimension to signs. CNC routing opens a lot of possibilities for a creative sign designer. It can mean layers, which let you have an even more dramatic 3D effect. It can mean textures, which create more interest. It can mean convex and prismatic effects that give lettering more impact. All of this could be done on a sign before the dawn of CNC routing and cutting but it was much more time-consuming and therefore more costly.

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