Router-carved panel of 18-lb. SignFoam high density urethane board, finished with exterior acrylic paint and 23K gold leaf. “I made the medallion relief that I used on the posts and the bottom of the sign in the Enroute software,” says David Hassan, Hassan Sign Co., Cohasset, Massachusetts.
Letters were cut and carved from 18-lb. Precision Board HDU board on a ShopBot CNC router then mounted on an aluminum composite panel with a tubular aluminum frame and a PVC trim border. It’s finished with acrylic latex paints. Dave Correll, Brushwork Signs, Faribault, Minnesota
Router-carved 18-lb. HDU letters on a mahogany panel that was cut to shape and carved on the router, along with the shell graphics. The banner and sextant are hand-carved mahogany. David Hassan, Hassan Sign Co., Cohasset, Massachusetts
White oak panel, 20-in. in diameter, carved on an Industrial CNC router, finished with black exterior acrylic paint and clear polyurethane. Dan Buttery, DB Designs, Lewiston, New York
Router-carved panel of 1½-in. SignFoam high density urethane board, with applied 1½-in. HDU oval panel on each side, finished with 23K gold leaf and enamel paint with PPG clear coat. Braun Bleamer, Jet Signs, Palmerton, Pennsylvania
Letters were router-cut 18-lb. SignFoam 4 HDU board finished with 1 Shot enamel then gilded with 23K gold leaf. The sign panel was router-carved HDU board with two aluminum flat bar brackets bonded to the back with West Systems epoxy. It was finished in 1 Shot enamels, and the background is Polo Green smalts in a 50/50 mix of enamel and Smith’s Cream. Mark Kottwitz, Kottwitz Graphics, Ridgely, Maryland
Router-cut PVC panels on a router-cut background of pressure-treated pine on a powder-coated ¼-in. aluminum backer. Rebellion is a direct print on 1-in. PVC board and the eagle graphic is a direct print on ½-in. PVC board. Southern Sign Company, Wilmington, North Carolina
Letters are Corafoam HDU board carved on a ShopBot router and finished with exterior acrylic paint. The background, surf board and palm trees are aluminum composite material, and the Raging Rivers is ½-in. PVC board, all cut on the router. Steve Luck, Sign Magic, Inc., Godfrey, Illinois
Router-cut PVC letters and bird on a router-cut PVC panel that is mounted on a painted black PVC backer. “The bird was direct printed on our flatbed printer before it was cut to shape,” says Andrea Cinanni-Wilson, Southern Sign Company, Wilmington, North Carolina. “The background is white vinyl, and everything is clear-coated.”
White oak panel, 24-in. in diameter, carved on an Industrial CNC router and finished with black dye then distressed with a propane torch, done for a brewery interior. Dan Buttery, DB Designs, Lewiston, New York

CNC routing lets you sell the value that 3D adds

3D signage sends a message of competence and permanence

By signcraft

Posted on Saturday, December 29th, 2018

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These companies offer products for CNC sign production and reach sign pros through SignCraft:

CNC equipment


CAMaster Industries

Gerber Scientific Products

Industrial CNC

Laguna Tools



Vision Engraving & Routing Systems

CadCam software

Artclip 3D

Gerber Scientific Products



Type 3/TypeEdit

Texture and shape files

Dan Sawatzky’s Texture Magic

Periandros Design
Most sign pros know that beyond the design, the type of sign carries an important unconscious message to the viewer. Regardless of the words that are on it, a banner means something very different to the viewer than a cast bronze plaque. So it is with 3D signs.

A 3D sign makes a business look more permanent and more established. Just as a banner—regardless of the text that’s on it— connotes a promotion or other temporary offer, a 3D sign says this business is competent, capable and qualified.

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