Lettering is ½-in. PVC board routercut on a ShopBot router [www. shopbottools.com] mounted on a 10-by-4-ft. panel of 2-in.-thick 18-lb. Precision Board HDU board that was sandblasted and hand carved.
CNC-routed and hand-carved double-sided 3-by-4-ft. 18-lb. HDU panel with an internal square tube frame for mounting
Fabricated by HBS Copper with installation by Brushstroke Signs
CNC-routed 32-by-38-in. panel of 3½-in. 18-lb. HDU panel with an internal square tube frame for mounting
Rob was the project leader for this 14-by-18-ft. mural painted for the 2009 Pontiac, Illinois, Walldog meet.
Letters are aluminum composite material cut on the CNC router, with holes drilled in back for stud mounting on the black and white aluminum composite panels. The main background panels were ¼-in. aluminum swirl grinded and painted with House of Kolor Kandy Kolor red and urethane clear.
32-by-14-ft. mural painted with NovaColor Artists’ Acrylic paints. “This mural is inside our historic Coca-Cola bottling plant,” Rob says.
Router-cut PVC letters on 10-by-3-ft. layered PVC panels, finished with NovaColor Artists’ Acrylic Paints
Digital print on 18-by-24-in. double-sided 6mm aluminum composite panel
Digital print on 6-by-4-ft. single-sided 6mm aluminum composite panel mounted on a PVC post and rail kit
Sandblasted and hand-carved 84-by-14-in. panel of 18-lb. HDU board; letters are finished with 23K gold leaf
CNC-routed 36-by-24-by-2-in. PVC panel with pocket cuts for the logo and the lettering, and a welded internal frame for mounting
Letters are PVC board on a 10-by-4-ft. layered PVC panel. It’s finished with Sherwin Williams All Surface Enamel and Modern Masters metal effects Copper/Green Patina finish.
Sandblasted and hand-carved 7-by-3-ft. panel of 2-in.-thick 18-lb. HDU board finished with 1 Shot lettering enamels; SIGNS is finished with 23K gold leaf.
CNC-routed 24-in.-diameter white oak panel applied to 6mm ACM backing panel over an internal frame of welded square tubing
12-by-12-ft. logo painted on a brick wall with NovaColor Artists’ Acrylics
Paducah was router-cut and finished with 23K gold leaf, then applied to the sandblasted 8-by4-ft. panel of 3-in.-thick 18-lb. HDU board.

Rob Estes

By SignCraft Magazine

Posted on Saturday, December 29th, 2018

Smoking out the customer’s budget When I meet with a new client to discuss their signage needs, I always ask what their budget and timeline is for the signwork. A common response to my questions are “I haven’t thought about a budget…” and “How fast can we get it?”. At this point I show photos of different signs that I have made ranging from basic to complex along with pricing information. This gets us in the ballpark of what type of sign they are looking for and a budget that they are comfortable with. If the customer is getting bids for signs from other shops in the area I make sure that we are pricing “apples to apples”. Sometimes a potential customer comes along and knows exactly what they want; they have photos in hand and a budget in mind. That definitely makes the sales process easier.

Getting around to your own work Working on my own projects or business presence and identity has always taken the backseat to the paying gigs. For example, my website, www.brushstrokesigns.com, is just a landing page with my logo and basic contact information. I do keep my portfolio photos on Instagram and my Facebook business page but would like to have an inclusive website that potential customers could get most of their questions answered. I have always had good intentions to build a full website but I seem to never have the time to devote to it.

Making sales easier Growing up in my dad’s shop, I was intimidated by sales. Hearing the word “No” was tough. Dad used to tell me “More people will say no than they will say yes” and “When you are hungry enough you’ll sell something” and he was right. When I opened my own shop, no one knew who I was and I knew I was going to have to make a lot of cold calls.

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