Cut the panel to shape and upgrade your flat sign designs

By Russ Mills

Posted on Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021

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An interesting panel shape can really help set a sign apart from the crowd. It’s often used on cool 3D signs, but it is just as effective on a flat sign. Pair it with a dark background and a special effect on the lettering, and it really upgrades the look. You might want to add a graphic and a border, too.
Not every customer can afford a 3D sign with gold leaf lettering, but most still would like a unique look. It’s possible to upsell many customers to a high quality sign that is a better value for them if you can show them examples and explain how it is a far better value than a cheaper generic-looking sign. Russ Mills [Russ Mills Signs, Pineville, Kentucky] has been using this approach successfully for years.

“This is a rural area,” Russ says, “and few customers have the budget for a 3-D HDU sign. I do one or two of those per year, but most of my other work is flat signs. I want my signs to attract attention and draw new business for my customers, and I don’t want to do boring work. At the same time, I have to work within people’s budget.”

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