Q&A – Mask for sandblasting glass

By signcraft

Posted on Sunday, September 18th, 2022

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What sandblast mask do others use for sandblasting glass?

“We sandblast bricks and granite, but we also do glass etching. We used to use a 4mil product by 3M that was white, with a low tack adhesive, but it’s been discontinued. Have others found a good replacement?”

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Charles Higgins
Charles Higgins
1 year ago

We use Hartco 425S for most of our sandblast projects. I haven’t used it on glass, but have used it on wood, stone ect. FYI – the adhesive is pretty aggressive. You may want to call tech support and see if they have a product that works for glass.

We have installed tens of thousands of Sq Ft of 3M 7725SE-314 & 324.Detailed designs, lettering, logos are a little difficult to weed. You just have to take your time and go slowly.

James Littley
James Littley
1 year ago

Fellers has a product called Pask (I believe the name is a portmanteau of paint + mask). It is 3.2 mil thick with another 1.0 mil adhesive.

Here’s their link: https://www.fellers.com/fellers-shopping/cat/special-use-vinyls/sub/paint-mask-sand-mask/set/pask-paint-mask-vinyl

Brad Getter
Brad Getter
1 year ago

for glass frosting/dusting almost any removable 4 mil vinyl will suffice. Heck – I’ve used transfer tape in the past (it used to be called frisket tape). If it doesn’t meet what you need add a second layer on top just like lamination, then cut the work. For deep dimensional etching, sandblast mask is the proper choice.

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