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By signcraft

Posted on Monday, July 24th, 2023

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Very often the customer who arrives at a sign company needs more than just a sign. They may need a logo design and help with branding. They may need uniforms and caps or other promotional items. That’s why many sign companies have moved beyond providing signs exclusively. Some, like Doug Downey, The Image Factory, Stratford, Ontario, Canada, have even repositioned themselves as graphics companies.

“One of the problems with our sign industry from a business standpoint,” says Doug, “is that once you make a sign for a customer, you often don’t see them again for four or five years—or longer. A well-made sign can last 5 years or more. One of the first storefront signs that I hand lettered 37 years ago, for a local shoe store, is still there and in good shape. “

As a result, there is little opportunity for residual income from most sign customers. You letter their truck then may not see them for five years when they get a new one. The solution is to position your business as the source for all of their advertising and promotional materials—including their signs.

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