Braun Bleamer: Six partial vehicle wraps

By signcraft

Posted on Monday, September 18th, 2023

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With so many wraps on the road today, many customers assume that they need one on their truck, too. But a full wrap isn’t the only option—and often isn’t the best solution. The design is the most critical factor, and whether it is done as a full or partial wrap is the second consideration.

Braun Bleamer [Jet Signs, Palmerton, Pennsylvania] does a lot of partial wraps—sometimes to keep the job within the client’s budget and other times to upgrade a job that would otherwise be just lettering.

“I don’t think every business needs a full wrap,” says Braun. “I do full wraps, but what a business needs are vehicle graphics that really work. There are a lot of full wraps on the road that just aren’t effective advertising. It makes more sense to put money into creating a design that’s really effective than into time spent applying a full wrap. I’ll do a full wrap, but most of the time I’ll show a customer what a great look we can get with a partial wrap.”

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