Design & Price: Partial van wrap

By signcraft

Posted on Friday, April 28th, 2023

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In every issue, SignCraft gives a few sign makers an imaginary project. We ask them to do a sketch of the sign they might have produced, and to quote a price for the job. Most of the details are left to the designer’s imagination. The object is to see how different sign makers approach the same project.

Here’s the scenario these sign makers were given:

The owner of a local courier service who is just starting out in business contacts you; she has one van, no logo and a limited budget. She likes the idea of a full vehicle wrap but understands that her money is best spent on a logo that will help identify her business.

When she looks through your portfolio, she points out that she likes designs that include retro-style cartoons. Make a sketch of the design you might have designed for the customer, and quote a price.

This appeared in the March/April 2010 issue of SignCraft. While the prices have been adjusted for inflation, they may not accurately reflect current pricing for such signage.


Malcolm Gieski

Identity Group, LLC, Slatington, Pennsylvania

Design: 4 hours @ $95 per hour: $380

Printing: 3MIJ180Cv3 film with 8518 gloss laminate, 184 gross sq. feet @ $11 per sq. ft.: $2024

Installation: 6 hours @ $95 per hour: $570

Total: $2974


Joe Ryan

Adventure Advertising Design & Sign, Rockport, Maine

Design and layout for partial vehicle wrap:

5 hours @ $102 per hour: $510

142 sq. ft. of high-performance vinyl and laminate @ $13.61 per sq. ft.: $1933

Install wrap: 5 hours @ $102 per hour: $510

Total: $2954


Brian Gavek

Gavek Graphics, Centre Hall, Pennsylvania


Meeting and design time: 2.5 hours

Printing, laminating, trimming and cutting: 3.0 hours

Installation on van: 4.5 hours

Total time, 10 hours @ $70 per hour: $700


3M 180c with 3M 8519 laminate Gerber high-performance vinyl films

Total materials: $950

Total: $1650


Jeff Redding

Signs & Stuff, Southaven, Mississippi

This design would be created by our in-house graphic artist and would be based on customer’s comments and requests. All decals are made in-house and installed at our location. We can install these graphics within five days of final approval and deposit.

Logo design: $170

3⁄4 Vehicle wrap: $3097 (includes logo design fee)

Decals/lettering only (no background and does not include logo design fee): $1157

Total: $4424